USB-C Multi-Port Hub (VP6920)
My USB-C Multi-Port Hub gets hot while in use. Is this normal?

It is normal. The aluminum housing is designed to help it cool... that's how it dissipates heat. Just like the bottom of a laptop gets hot. Since the aluminum housing helps radiate heat, do not cover or enclose the hub while in use.

Where do I find drivers for my USB-C Multi-Port Hub?

There are no drivers for the hub. Modern operating systems for the Mac, Windows and Linux have the USB drivers already built in. By using standard USB-C interfaces, no proprietary drivers are required or used as this ensure greatest compatibility.

Why isn't HDMI video working on my USB-C port?

The USB-C specification can either include or not include HDMI output. Some laptops do not send HDMI video over USB C and instead just use it as a reversible USB port. Mac laptops include the MacBook 12 and MacBook Pro do send HDMI over USB C and should work. If a first party USB-C to HDMI adapter exists, video output should work.

Sometimes a device disconnects while in use what can I do?

Do not unplug the power supply while in use! Doing so will result in a short interruption of power to all devices connected to the USB-C Hub and could lead to data loss.

The quality of USB-C ports on a computer can degrade over time and loosen up. We recommend that you place your laptop on a table with the Multi-port hub plugged in and use the computer with an external keyboard and mouse making sure not to move the computer or the hub to see if a disconnect occurs. If the connected devices stop working with your computer please send us an email at and tell us what ports were connected, with what devices, and doing what function. Devices and functions include:

  • USB-C jack: Laptop/Tablet charger
  • USB Port 1: external hard drive
  • USB Port 2: iPad
  • USB Port 3: nothing
  • HDMI Port: TV/Monitor
Typical usage scenario: Playing movie from external hard drive through the HDMI port to the monitor while charging the iPad. Giving us as much information will assist us in troubleshooting your VP6920


Will the VP6920 Work with My Computer?

Please see the Testing & Specifications Sheet for the VP6920


Accessories & Replacement Parts
Are there any replacement parts for the VP6920 Hub?

No. Your USB-C Multi-Port Hub is a self-contained product.

Order Support
What is my warranty on SMK-Link products?

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How can I return my SMK-Link order?

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