USB-C MagTech Charging Tip
What is the charging strength of my MagTech Charging Tip?

Both USB-C MagTech Charging Tip is rated at 87w charging strength-ideal for laptop or notebook charging.

Accessories & Replacement Parts
What products are compatible with the USB-C MagTech Charging Tip?

Both versions of the USB-C MagTech Charging Cable, the VP7000 and the VP7005 are compatible with the USB-C MagTech Charging Tip (VP7010).

Order Support
What is my warranty on SMK-Link products?

SMK-Link Electronics warranties all products for one year from date of purchase ( See Manufacturer's Limited Warranty ).

How can I return my SMK-Link order?

If purchased directly from the SMK-Link websites, you may return your product within two weeks of purchase for any reason. Products purchases from other outlets must be returned to the place of purchase. For returns directly to SMK-Link Electronics, see ( Product Returns ) to obtain an RMA authorization and return shipping address. You cannot return your order to SMK-Link without and RMA authorization number.