RemotePoint Jade (vp4910)
Using Windows 10, I get an exception error when trying to save changes in the Jade customizer software

Microsoft issued and Windows 10 Anniversary Update that causes the Jade Customizer Software to fail. A subsequent update (#KB3206632) fixes this problem.

How many units can I use within close proximity of each other?

Each Jade is programmed with one of 64,000 unique ID's. You can literally have hundreds of them within range of each other and they will not interfere with one another.

Where do I get the software for the Jade?

There are versions available,Windows 32-bit and 64-bit. Download the correct one from our Download Center.

Can I use one remote to control more than one computer?

No. Each RemotePoint Jade can only "talk" to one USB receiver at a time. With it's auto-RF pairing technology, the remote will only "talk" to the last receiver that was paired with it.

Does the software feature a countdown timer?

No, the software allows you to program only keystrokes and multimedia controls into the buttons.

What do the buttons on the RemotePoint Jade do?

The left and right buttons on the dial will move PowerPoint and Keynote slides backward and forward, respectively. These buttons emit the left and right arrow keystrokes. The button at the six o'clock position blacks out the screen. When pressed, it emits the letter "B" keystroke while the button at the 12 o'clock position will activate the laser pointer.

The four numbered buttons on the bottom of the Jade are programmable. By default, the buttons have been programmed for PowerPoint on a PC. Their functions are:

  • Button 1 = Next Page
  • Button 2 = Previous Page
  • Button 3 = Start Up PowerPoint presentation
  • Button 4 = Screen Blank


How do I change the functions of the buttons on the Jade?

You will need to download the RemotePoint Jade software. You can choose between a 64-bit or 32-bit, depending on the format of Windows the target computer is using. The remote can also be programmed to meet your own needs. To change the functions of the remote, select individual keys from the drop down menu. Once you have made your selection click “Program Receiver.”

Once programmed, the changes are written to non-volatile memory on the receiver. The Customizing software requires Windows to run or a Mac, running Boot Camp. Once programmed those buttons will send those keys even on machines that aren’t running the setup utility software, including Mac, Windows and Linux machines.

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Is there a replacement receiver for my RemotePoint Jade?

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