RemotePoint Global Presenter (vp4350)
I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and my Global Presenter no longer works.

Due to a change in the USB handling of Windows 8.1, your Global Presenter USB wireless receiver may no longer function correctly. If the "MX" date on the back of your receiver is before 07 14, it needs to be replaced to work with Windows 8.1

My remote will not move the slideshow.

You may need to train the receiver to accept the digital code from the remote. To do this, remove the receiver from the USB port and re-connect it after a few seconds. Immediately move the remote beside it and hold down the NEXT (right arrow) and watch the LED on the receiver. After 10 seconds of holding down the right arrow, the LED should change from flashing green, to solid green, then red and back to flashing green. Your remote should now be useable.

I am encountering interference when using the remote. What should I do?

You can change the channel of your remote by removing the battery and replacing it.



Accessories & Replacement Parts
Is there a replacement receiver for my Global Presenter?

Yes, we provide an original replacement receiver. See Universal 24 GHz Receiver for VP4150, VP4155 and VP4350.

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What is my warranty on SMK-Link products?

SMK-Link Electronics warranties all products for one year from date of purchase ( See Manufacturer's Limited Warranty ).

How can I return my SMK-Link order?

If purchased directly from the SMK-Link websites, you may return your product within two weeks of purchase for any reason. Products purchases from other outlets must be returned to the place of purchase. For returns directly to SMK-Link Electronics, see ( Product Returns ) to obtain an RMA authorization and return shipping address. You cannot return your order to SMK-Link without and RMA authorization number.