Air Point Presenter (vp4594)

What does the “Status” light indicate?


  • Power on – The Status light will turn Green for 3 seconds, then turn off.
  • Pairing Mode – The Status light will alternatively flash Green & Red until paired: or will go off after 1 minute if pairing has failed. Pairing must be initiated (by pressing the connect button on the handset) within 1 minute of plugging the USB receiver into your system.
  • Pairing Success - The Status light will flash 3 times, then turn off when pairing is successful.
  • Low Battery – Low battery warning will be indicated by slow Red flash every 3 seconds, until the power is drained out or the power turned off.
  • Laser On / Warning – While the laser button is pressed and the laser is on, the Status light will light up Green.
  • Gyro Calibration – The Status light will alternatively flash Green & Red for 5 seconds to indicate that the Gyro is in need of calibration.


How do I pair the USB receiver to the handset?

The Handset is paired with the USB receiver at the factory prior to shipping. Should re-pairing become necessary, plug the Presenter UHF Receiver Dongle into an available USB port on your computer, press and hold the CONNECT button on the handset for 3 seconds. The Status light will alternatively flash Green & Red until paired: or will go off after 1 minute if pairing has failed.

How do I reset the gyroscope in Air Point?

When the Status light flashes Green/Red for 5 seconds, this indicates that the Gyro needs calibration. Turn Presenter off and, holding the Previous Slide key, turn it back on. The Status LIght will slowly flash Gree/Red for 10 seconds while Presenter is calibrating, then turn solid Green for 3 seconds, indicating a successful recalibration of Air Point's gyroscope.

Can I connect the handset to multiple USB receivers?

No, Air Point's handset is only pair with its supplied USB receiver.

Can I connect multiple handsets to a single USB receiver?

Yes, multiple Air Point Presenter handsets can connect to a single USB receiver.

Accessories & Replacement Parts
Is there a replacement receiver for my RemotePoint Air Point Presenter?

Unfortunately no, there are not currently accessories or replacement parts for lost or damaged Air Point handsets or UHF receiver dongles.

Order Support
What is my warranty on SMK-Link products?

SMK-Link Electronics warranties all products for one year from date of purchase ( See Manufacturer's Limited Warranty ).

How can I return my SMK-Link order?

If purchased directly from the SMK-Link websites, you may return your product within two weeks of purchase for any reason. Products purchases from other outlets must be returned to the place of purchase. For returns directly to SMK-Link Electronics, see ( Product Returns ) to obtain an RMA authorization and return shipping address. You cannot return your order to SMK-Link without and RMA authorization number.