Section 508 Compliant Products

The U.S. Government Section 508 sets forth provisions that establish a minimum level of accessibility for the disabled to various classes of technology including:

  • software applications and operating systems
  • web-based information or applications
  • telecommunication products
  • video and multimedia products
  • self contained, closed products
  • desktop and portable computers

The SMK-Link products below are Section 508 complaint, providing the established level of accessibility to the disabled in the category of Self Contained, Closed Products.

Per article 1194.25 of the Section 508 definition, Self Contained or Closed products are those that "generally have imbedded software but are often designed in such a way that a user cannot easily attach or install assistive technology. Standards require that access features be built into the system so users do not have to attach an assistive device to it. Other specifications address mechanisms for private listening, touch screens, auditory output and adjustable volume controls, with location of controls in accessible reach ranges."

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