GoSpeak! Pro Portable Amplification System

Hello Everyone - - I needed to do a lecture on New Decision Therapy (Listed YouTube) I had not done this lecture in 5 years and was worried that my voice would give out. To my surprise the day went by VERY easy. I talked for six hours and no strain or tiredness! I believe that the class understood the material MUCH BETTER because every nuance of inflection in my voice was faithfully and naturally heard from any spot in the room. Thanks SMK for GoSpeak! Pro with Wireless Lapel Microphone - an outstanding product.

Mike Phillips, Orange CA, 5/5/15.

Be heard clearly by everyone in the room with the GoSpeak! Pro Ultra-Portable Amplification System (model VP3320).  Available with an integrated Wireless Lapel Microphone (model VP3420), GoSpeak! Pro handles audiences of up to 200 people. 

In crowded classrooms, boardrooms or intimate out-door events, be heard easily without breaking a sweat. Sets up in seconds, weighs less than five pounds and carries in a laptop tote bag.

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