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Recent Gyration Press Releases

12/17/2013 - The Gyration® Air Mouse® Mobile – A Road-Ready Replacement for Awkward Laptop Joysticks and Touchpads

12/04/2013 - Gyration® Air Mouse® Elite – A First Choice of Dental Professionals for Treatment Room Applications

10/15/2013 - Enhanced Gyration® Air Mouse® Excels in Classroom Applications - Gyration Air Mouse® GO Plus Interactively Controls Electronic Whiteboards, PowerPoint® Lectures and Multimedia Presentations

09/24/2013 - Gyration® Goes Retro, Re-Introduces Classic Keyboards - Classic Full-Size and Compact Wireless Keyboards Boast Sculpted Keys, Tactile Response and a 100’ Wireless Range

05/14/2012 - SMK-Link Announces the New Gyration® Air Mouse™ Mobile Introduced in the UK - New Gyration Air Mouse a Good Fit for Mobile Laptop Computing, PowerPoint Presentations and Web-Streamed Home Entertainment Services.

01/10/2012 - SMK-Link Announces the New Gyration® Air Mouse Mobile - The ‘Go To’ Mouse for Coffee Shop Web Browsing, Airport E-mailing, Hotel Room Reports and Laptop Presentations. New at International 2012 CES, Booth #20661.