USB-C Multi-Port Docking Station w/ 4k HDMI, GigE, USB-A, PD, SD/microSD

Model: vp6920-2
    • USB-C Upstream Cable (12”) (supports DP1.2 & 1.4 Alt. Mode)
    • HDMI 2.0 Video Port (4K@60Hz resolution)
    • USB A 3.2 @ 5Mbps Ports (2)
    • USB A 3.2 Gen1 Data Charging Port
    • 1-Gigabit Ethernet Port
    • SD 3.0 Memory Card Readers (2) (supports SD & microSD cards simultaneously)
    • USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 Port (supports 100W power and 5 Gbps Data delivery)
    • Gigabit Ethernet Port
    • 4K HDMI Video Port
      • HD to 4K
    • Memory Card Readers
      • Camera images
      • Transfer audio files
    • USB 3.0 High Speed Ports (3)
      • File transfer
      • External devices

The USB-C Multi-Port Docking Station provides the power of a desktop docking station in a compact portable size. Connect the USB-C Multi-Port Docking Station to your laptop's USB-C port via an extra-long upstream cable to access a universe of connectivity options, adding (1) a USB-C 100W PD/Data port, (2) an HDMI 2.0 4K@60Hz video port (up to 4K), (3) a Gigabit Ethernet port, (4) three 5 Gbps USB 3.0 ports, and (5) two independent SD & microSD memory card readers.





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