USB-C MagTech Charging Cable (Space Gray)

Model: VP7000
    • 87w charging for USB-C laptops & mobile devices
    • Accelerates charging speeds
    • Magnetic tip breaks away for travel
    • 6.5-foot woven charging cable
    • Requires USB-C AC Charging Block
    • Desktop
      • Desktop computer charging
      • Mobile device charging from computer
    • Laptops & Notebooks
      • Cable fits easily in laptop bags
      • Charges laptops & mobile devices
      • Requires USB-C-equipped computer
      • Requires USB-C AC Charging Block

The USB-C MagTech Charging Cable (a braided Space Gray 6.5’ cable with magnetic ‘MagTech’ USB-C plug) makes it easy to quickly charge your USB-C devices. With a choice of either Silver or Black woven cable, the MagTech is the quickest and easiest way to charge your USB-C devices (requires USB-C AC Charging Block).   

  • Fast, safe 87w device charging
  • Breakaway magnetic tip
  • 6.5' woven charging cable (Space Gray)
  • Eliminates device damage due to cable accidents
  • Windows, macOS & Chrome OS compatible





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