USB-C Dual 4K Multi-Stream Mini Docking Station - Am

Model: VP6960
    • Dual 4K/UHD HDMI Ports
    • VGA Port
    • Multiple Streaming - Up to 3 External Displays
    • 100W USB-C Power Delivery Port
    • Includes Ethernet Port and SD Card Readers
    • 3.5mm (1/8") Audio Port
    • macOS® Macbook Laptop
    • Dual Parallel Thunderbolt 3 Ports
    • Minimum power requirement: use a charger (not included) with power rating of 65w or greater).
    • View dual 4K/UHD output on separate external displays.
    • View HD content on Dual HD Monitors.
    • Connect everything in your home office to your laptop.
    • Traveling, the VP6960 keeps you connected everywhere you go.

View dual 4K/UHD video streams, each on a separate external viewing device, in real time with the 12-port USB-C Dual 4K Multi-Stream Mini Docking Station. 

Designed for Apple MacBook Laptops, the Mini Docking Station is also your home-office connectivity solution–connecting displays, printers, scanners, cameras, networks, mobile devices and more. Slipping into your laptop bag, the VP6960 Mini Docking Station, which requires dual USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 Ports, is also your laptop travel companion–keeping you connected everywhere you go.

Power Requirements.

  • Works with power adapters/power bricks with USB-C port rated 65W or higher output power.
  • Does not support power adapters with attached MagSafe cable.
  • Use the original MacBook power adapter/power brick to supply PD power to the VP6960 only if the power adapter is rated 65w or above.
  • If the original Apple power adapter/power brick is rated lower than 65W, it will not be able to power this full-featured docking station while charging the MacBook computer.
  • When using a 3rd party power adapter/power brick, please make sure it supports PD (Power Delivery) and is rated a minimum of 65w output power.

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