SMK-Link Electronics Introduces Air Mouse® Voice, RemotePoint® Emerald Navigator SE, and USB-C Multi-Port Hub – New Products at CES 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6th, 2017 SMK-Link Electronics, a subsidiary of SMK Electronics Corporation U.S.A. announced today that it will introduce several exciting new computer peripherals this week at CES 2017, including Air Mouse® Voice (an industry-first voice-enabled Bluetooth® mouse); RemotePoint® Emerald Navigator SE (a green-laser equipped PowerPoint remote control; and a new USB-C Multi-Port Hub for USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 laptops.  See these and other exciting new products at International CES 2017 (LVCC #20200, South Hall-1).  

“We’re excited to be introducing Air Mouse Voice at CES 2017,” said John Blair, General Manager of Branded Products for SMK-Link Electronics. “Utilizing next generation Gyration technology, Air Mouse Voice unlocks the capabilities of today’s advanced software and hardware. Providing laser-precise cursor control on the desktop, Air Mouse Voice is also an ‘in air’ mouse, and even voice-controlled remote for presentation tools and on-screen effects. Connecting via Bluetooth® LE, Air Mouse® Voice enables complete control of your computer from anywhere in the room.

“SMK-Link’s RemotePoint® Presentation Remote Controls continue to lead the industry with their award-winning designs, performance and unparalleled ease of use,” continued Mr. Blair, “We’re very pleased to introduce a new RemotePoint® presenter this week: the RemotePoint Emerald Navigator SE. With a bright green laser pointer and large metallic slide controls, the stylish Navigator SE provides flawless presentation control with absolutely no learning curve.

“Today’s powerful new ultra-slim laptops come typically equipped with only USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports for connectivity and charging,” added Mr. Blair.  “So what happens when you want to connect to external devices such as high resolution displays, printers, hard drives or local area networks? Replacing a handful of adapters, SMK-Link’s new USB-C Multi-Port Hub provides a universe of connectivity. Best of all, its portable, slipping easily into your laptop bag.”

New SMK-Link Products at CES 2017

Gyration Air Mouse Voice

 Gyration’s new Air Mouse® Voice, from SMK-Link Electronics, is three computer input devices rolled into one: (1) a voice-enabled wireless presentation screen effects remote, (2) a motion-sensing ‘in air’ computer controller, and (3) a laser-precise desktop mouse.  Connecting via Bluetooth® 4 LE, Air Mouse Voice® has a wireless range of up to 70 feet, and includes Gyration’s new MotionTools® 3 mouse personalization and screen effects software.

RemotePoint Emerald Presenter SE

The latest in SMK-Link’s industry-acclaimed RemotePoint® family of presentation remote controls, the new Emerald Navigator SE (VP41255) puts the most advanced PowerPoint® and Keynote® presentations in the palm of your hand. Beneath its award-winning polished metal case, large slide controls and a bright green laser pointer deliver unmatched presentation control from up to 75 feet away, with no learning curve.

USB-C Multi-Port Hub

SMK-Link’s new USB-C Multi-Port Hub (VP6920) brings professional-grade connectivity to newer laptops equipped with USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports.  Providing a 4K HDMI video port, three high speed USB 3.0 ports, a 1-Gigabit Ethernet port, and SD and Micro SD memory card readers, the new USB-C Multi-Port Hub adds a universe of connectivity, while providing cable charging for USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 laptops.

About SMK-Link Electronics

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