New Bluetooth Keyboard Pairs with Tablets, Smartphones & PCs

New Keyboard from SMK-Link Electronics Pairs Simultaneously with Apple®  iPad® and iPhone® products, Android® Tablets, Smartphones, PCs and OS X® platforms—Switching Between Them ‘On the Fly’

Camarillo California, June 2nd, 2015 ---- SMK-Link Electronics, a subsidiary of SMK Electronics U.S., today announced availability of the company’s Blu-Link Multi-Host Bluetooth® Keyboard—a versatile, compact keyboard that works with iPad® and iPhone® products, Android® tablets, and all Macintosh® and Bluetooth-enabled Windows® PCs. Pairing with up to eight devices simultaneously, the Multi-Host Bluetooth Keyboard provides typing input for smartphones, tablets and PCs--switching between them ‘on the fly.’

“SMK-Link is excited to announce availability of the new Blu-Link Multi-Host Bluetooth Keyboard,” stated John Blair, General Manager of Branded Products for SMK-Link Electronics. “As sales of Apple® iPad® and iPhone® products, Android tablets and smartphones continue to grow, the need for a keyboard that can connect to many devices grows. The Multi-Host Bluetooth Keyboard can be used with a single device or paired to as many as eight devices. Once set up, switching between them is as seamless as hitting the host select key and device number of your choice. No need to disconnect and repair every time you need a fully functional keyboard on another device.”

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Blu-Link Multi-Host Bluetooth Keyboard

SMK-Link Electronics’ new Blu-Link Multi-Host Bluetooth Keyboard pairs simultaneously with tablets, smartphones and PCs, hosting as many as eight at a time and switching between them ‘on the fly.’ Supporting iOS®, Android, OS X® and Bluetooth-enabled Windows devices, the new Blu-Link Multi-Host Bluetooth Keyboard has an MSLP of $59.99, and is available now.

About SMK-Link Electronics

SMK-Link Electronics Corporation, a subsidiary of SMK Electronics U.S., is a global provider of computer input devices and mobile tablet accessories. SMK-Link’s industry-acclaimed family of RemotePoint® presenter remotes, together with its award-winning line of Gyration® Air Mouse products, provides handheld PC control for business, classroom and professional presentations, as well as a broad range of commercial, medical and government applications.

Additionally, SMK-Link provides the PadDock™ family of mobile tablet accessories, the Blu-Link™ collection of wireless Bluetooth® peripherals, and VersaPoint® line of computer keyboards and mice. For more information, see SMK-Link Electronics online at


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