SMK Announces the New Bluetooth® Calculator Keypad

CAMARILLO, CA -- SMK-Link Electronics Corporation, a subsidiary of SMK Electronics, one of the largest manufacturers of OEM remote controls in the world, today announced U.K. availability of the Bluetooth Calculator Keypad. With integrated wireless technology, the Bluetooth Calculator Keypad delivers cordless keypad and calculator functionality for Apple iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro users, as well as for all Windows/PC laptop computers.

Designed for use with both Apple OS X computers and Windows/PC laptops, the new Bluetooth Wireless Keypad features a numeric keypad for extended data entry and spreadsheet computing. In calculator mode, it also doubles as a stand alone calculator: sending calculations wirelessly to spreadsheets as typed. The Bluetooth Wireless Keypad has a 10 meter wireless range and, for systems with integrated Bluetooth technology, requires no additional Bluetooth receiver.

“If you’ve purchased an Apple OS X computer over the past few years, it more than likely came with Apple’s redesigned Wireless Keyboard,” states John Blair, General Manager of Branded Products for SMK-Link. “This elegant keyboard features a reduced-footprint design that provides, however, no numeric keypad. Whether you’re using your iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or Mac Pro, you’ll need an add-on peripheral keypad for extended data entry or spreadsheet use. Our new Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard was designed to precisely fill this need, as well as to be the perfect keypad peripheral for Windows laptop computers.”

Media Points (Bluetooth Calculator Keypad)

  • 12-digit LCD display
  • 9-key computer keypad (keypad mode)
  • 6-key calculator (calculator mode)
  • 2 hot-keys
  • Bluetooth V2.0 (10 meter range)
  • Mac OS X computers & Windows/PC laptop systems
  • In the U.S., available from the Apple Online Store, other online retailers and from the SMK-Link website (
  • Suggested retail price is $59.99.
  • In the U.K., available from the Apple Online Store and Suggested retail price is £39.99.
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About SMK-Link Electronics

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