SMK-Link Announces Multi-Host Bluetooth Keyboard

New - Blu-Link Multihost Bluetooth Keyboard

SMK-Link Electronics, a subsidiary of SMK Electronics U.S., today announced availability of the company’s new Blu-Link Multi-Host Bluetooth® Keyboard—a versatile, compact keyboard that works with iPads®, iPhones®, Android® tablets, and all Mac and Bluetooth-enabled Windows® PCs. Pairing with as many as eight devices simultaneously, the Multi-Host Bluetooth Keyboard provides typing input for smartphones, tablets and PCs--switching between them ‘on the fly.’

SMK-Link Electronics’ new Blu-Link Multi-Host Bluetooth Keyboard pairs simultaneously with tablets, smartphones and PCs, hosting as many as eight at a time and switching between them ‘with the press of a key.  Supporting iOS®, Android, OS X® and Bluetooth-enabled Windows devices, the new Blu-Link Multi-Host Bluetooth Keyboard has an MSLP of $59.99, and is available now.