PadDock 10 Stand & Stereo for Apple iPad

Model: VP3650v2


Cradling the iPad securely for horizontal or vertical viewing, the PadDock 10 iPad Stand & Stereo keeps your New Apple iPad, iPad 2 or Original iPad charged, sync'd and accessible 24/7. And it looks great too.


An elegant yet sturdy iPad stand, the PadDock 10 iPad docking station keeps your Apple iPad safe, charged, sync'd and accessible, with a cradle that rotates for horizontal and vertical viewing.  Featuring integrated custom designed oval speakers, a class D amplifier and a passive radiator. the PadDock 10 fills the room with natural full-range sound. 

Using the iPad power supply, the PadDock 10 provides fast charging and on-demand integrated sync of music, photos, videos and applications with iTunes.  Supports Apple iPad 3, 2 and 1 models.

Product Details


    • iPad Stand and Stereo System
    • For New Apple iPad, iPad 2 and original iPad
    • Supports vertical and horizontal screen viewing
    • Charges your iPad while cradled
    • Syncs your iPad to iTunes
    • Amplifies your iPad with a powerful stereo sound
    • Keeps iPad accessible, yet out of harm's way


    • 360-degree cradle rotation
    • Tilts up and down (30-degrees)
    • Utilizes iPad power supply


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