Bluetooth Stopwatch Presenter With Laser Pointer for Mac

Model: VP4571


A presentation remote control you can count on, the Blue Stopwatch Presenter with Laser Pointer for Mac changes your slides, focuses attention with a bright red laser pointer, and even times your presentations.

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Need a presentation remote control? The Bluetooth Stopwatch Presenter With Laser Pointer is a simple and yet powerful PowerPoint remote for even beginning presenters. Its integrated laser pointer let's you command the attention of your audience; while its on-board stopwatch affords precise time management. Designed with 5 intuitive presentation control buttons and a unique scroll wheel for document scrolling, the Bluetooth Stopwatch Presenter with Laser Pointer features up to 33 feet of wireless freedom for relaxed   presentation delivery.

Product Details


    • Presentation remote control
    • Powerpoint remote | Keynote remote
    • User-friendly presentation controls
    • Bright red laser pointer
    • Integrated Stopwatch


    • Reliable Bluetooth wireless
    • Mac: OS X and later
    • PCs: Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7
    • (PC systems may require Bluetooth receiver)


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