FAQ for Bluetooth Calculator Keypad

How do I pair the Bluetooth Calculator Keypad with my Mac?


  • Make sure the PC/Mac switch is in the Mac position.
  • Turn on the power switch.
  • With a pointed tool, press the ID button on the back (not Reset as stated in the manual).
  • The battery light will begin flashing green.
  • Make sure the LCD says “Keypad.” If not, press the Mode button to get it into Keypad mode.
  • On your Mac, open your Bluetooth Preferences/Bluetooth Setup Assistant.
  • Select the Add button.
  • Once the keypad is found, it will be listed.
  • Highlight it and select Continue.
  • Bluetooth will generate an 8-digit passkey.
  • Enter the number into the Bluetooth Calculator Keypad.
    (Important Note: The numbers will not be displayed in the keypad’s LCD nor on the computer screen.)
  • After entering the passkey, make sure you press the Enter key on the keypad .
  • The Mac will find an external keyboard and ask you to press a key.
  • Do not press any key.
  • Instead, click out of the dialog box by clicking on the Exit.
  • Once you get the Congratulatory notice, select Quit.
  • Your Bluetooth Calculator Keypad is now paired and useable with your Mac.

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